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Aidan Turner Inspires Woman to Survive Grief and Write Novels

Aidan Shorney BookAfter the death of her husband, Jean Shorney was having a hard time getting over the grief. Watching Aidan Turner in “Being Human” gave her inspiration to write a series of novels. Then in 2016, a friend sent her a photo of Aidan reading one of her books! It was a dream come true.

In May 2016, Jean was able to finally meet Aidan at the London Comic Con.

“I queued for three hours to get a photo with him,” she says. “I got chatting to other fans and even managed to sell some books. Then when I saw him in the flesh, it took my breath away. He was gorgeous. I put my arms around him and said, ‘I’ve been waiting eight years to do that.'”Jean Shorney

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