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Interview: I’m Ross more times than I’m Aidan these days!

BFI and RT TV Fest

Sarah Doran from Radio Times did an interview with Aidan Turner at the BFI & Radio Times Television Festival last week. They talk about “real life” vs life as “Ross” and Aidan gives us clues about S3 of “Poldark”.

I found this quote, “When I see it I’ll remember shooting it which is always a bonus. It’s always too long to wait, you know?” , interesting because so many actors don’t watch their work, yet it seems as if Aidan does.

And we KNOW that a lot of his female fans disagree with this statement!! :
“I have to keep this hair long and I look like…” Turner begins, smoothing down the curly brown locks that boast their own Twitter account and even inspired poetry. “Oh God, I catch a glimpse of it the odd time”, he laughs, “I look so ridiculous!”

We also found this statement promising, since although we love Aidan as Ross, we’d also love to see him in some new roles:
Would he like to make more movies? “Sure, I mean, it’s just finding time. There’s not enough time off now, there’s obviously press obligations and different things, but I’m sure I’ll find time this summer to squeeze in something.”

You can read the full interview here: “I’m Ross more times than I’m Aidan these days!” – Aidan Turner on living life as Poldark and what’s to come in series 3

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