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Photos: Poldark S3 Screening

Edited: We’ve added all photos to this album in our gallery>Poldark S3 Press Screening Album

We will add to this post as new photos come in, but for now we have the first photo of Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson from tonight’s Poldark S3 Press Screening. And..sad to say.. it looks as if Aidan as cut his hair. The upside to that might be that he has a new role. He did tease last month that he may try to squeeze a project in before S4 filming begins in September.

This photo is from the Poldark Official Twitter acct
S3 Screening

I edited it a bit here:
Poldark Screening 2

Dan Cain Senior showbiz reporter for Sun Online, previously MailOnline posted this pic on Instagram saying “Watching Poldark with Poldark”
Dan Cain Instagram

This is from @boydhilton on twitter
Official Poster

Two screencaps from the BBC_One Snapchat vido. They didn’t have Aidan or Eleanor on live..only showed a still photo.
Snapchat 1

Snapchat 2

These are from Susan Griffin
Screening 3

Screening 3

Screening 3

This is from Metro Entertainment
Screening 3

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