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Aidan Turner on BBC Radio Chris Evans Breakfast Show

posted: May 26th, 2017 in Interviews

Aidan Turner visited the BBC Radio studios this morning for the Chris Evans Breakfast Show. Below are links to the full show and two clips featuring Aidan. Photos at bottom of page.

1)Sir Michael Parkinson, Aidan Turner, Lily Collins and Erasure. This is the full radio show. Aidan is introduced at about the 1:40 mark. His main interview is over by the 1:53 mark when he introduces Sir Michael Parker, however he stays and can be heard occasionally. The third clip here is part of that discussion.

2)How is Poldark’s mum still helping him? This is about 2:30 minutes of Aidan’s full interview.

3)Parky’s interviewing advice to Aidan Turner and Lily Collins

Arriving at BBC radio

Arriving at BBC Radio

Chris Evans BBC

Chris Evans BBC

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