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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Poldark’s Aidan Turner

posted: June 14th, 2017 in Miscellaneous

Well.. WE probably knew..but here goes anyway.
The following is from a Good Housekeeping article.

Written By Megan Sutton | 14 June 2017

He’s the Irish heartthrob with serious acting credentials to boot, but despite Aidan Turner’s new-found fame, there are a lot of hidden facts about him we had no idea about.

From his screen debut to his hidden talent, these are 10 facts about Mr Poldark himself that might just surprise you…

1. He wasn’t always into acting

Despite being famous for his acting skills now, Aidan didn’t always have his sights set on being a screen star.

After school, he worked for a while as an apprentice electrician for his dad.

‘My dad is one of the old stock. He can do anything – fix a vintage car, do plumbing, lay flooring,’ he told Radio Times.

2. His first major acting role was rather brief

Way before he was stealing scenes as Ross Poldark, Aidan’s roles were a little less, shall we say, complex.

Fresh out of drama school, young Aidan bagged a small two-line part in popular period drama The Tudors.

3. He has a hidden talent

We knew the Poldark star was talented in his field, but we had no idea he has a pretty impressive secret skill.

Turns out, Aidan began ballroom and Latin dancing at the age of six and danced competitively for 10 years.

‘Where we grew up was a bit rough and my mum wanted to get me off the streets, so she got me into dancing!’ Aidan told the Belfast Telegraph.

4. He has a LEGO character dedicated to him

After wrapping on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Aidan was presented with a LEGO version of his character, Kili.

‘It was a surreal moment, it was quite weird,’ he told Empire magazine.

And he was clearly a fan of the memorabilia, as he told the magazine he would be ‘handing it out’ to people as Christmas presents.

5. He can’t understand why everyone swoons over him

Speaking about that photo of him scything a field shirtless, Aidan told BBC Newsbeat: ‘I don’t know why the BBC are releasing photos of it. It’s a bit strange.’

We must say, we’re less confused about why this image became so popular. But we’ll leave Aidan to his blissful ignorance.

6. He hates the gym

Considering the aforementioned picture, you’ll be surprised to hear Aidan isn’t a fan of working out.

In the same interview with Newsbeat, the actor said: ‘I hate the gym. Working all day and then doing 90 minutes in the gym is a pain, but it’s part of the job.’

7. He likes to let loose on set

We’re used to seeing Aidan brooding and windswept as Ross Poldark on Cornish cliffsides, but when the pressures of filming are off, he’s got a much more jovial side.

8. He has two tattoos

Poldark makeup artist Jacqueline Fowler revealed to Radio Times that when filming shirtless scenes, she uses products to cover up ‘two [tattoos] on his upper arm.’

But what are these mysterious inkings?

‘One of them is Chinese writing, the other I can’t remember,’ she reportedly said.

9. He’s not a fan of social media

If, like us, you’re saddened by Aidan’s absence from Instagram and Twitter, the man himself has explained why.

‘Social media isn’t really my bag. I don’t do it,’ he told the Guardian.

‘It’s just not for me. I literally don’t care about it. I email people, I text people, and even that I have trouble keeping up with. There is s*** that I really need to get done that I don’t get done, so imagine me on Facebook or Instagram – ah, it would just be a disaster.’

We hear you, Aidan.

10. He’s got a busy 2017 ahead

Good news for fans who just can’t get enough of Mr. Turner – as well as starring in series three of Poldark throughout the summer of 2017, Aidan has roles in Look Away and Loving Vincent, two films set to be released this year.

That’s what we like to hear! The more Aidan Turner in our lives (well, on our screens) the better, we say.

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