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New Fan Photos of Aidan Turner

A lucky fan, Hana Tuite, got to chat with Aidan today. She shared these great photos and autograph on twitter. @TuiteHana See the transcript of her description of the meeting below the photos.

Fan Photo 1

Fan Photo 2

Fan Photo 2


Transcript of @TuiteHana’s fan encounter with Aidan Turner on 18 June 1917
It was in Dublin, in my town yesterday, in our local yacht club
Took me two hours to be brave enough to approach!
My friend has membership + spotted him, + invited me down! So lovely to see him back on home turf though
It was Father’s Day here yesterday too + he was with family so I think his Father was there too, but may have been an early b-day!
He was absolutely full of life laughing his head off and falling over chairs
He was honestly the happiest man ever, + a complete gent who was having dinner but got up and came over to ME, which is so so kind. He was a gentleman, honestly. I was afraid initially but was shocked by how human and down to earth he was!
He was so down-to-earth, attentive + generous, and full of honest charm 🙂 He was having dinner but he got up and came over to me
He approached me, shook my hand and said “Hi, I saw this gorgeous girl standing there smiling at me and I knew I had to come over!” *dies*
He came over to ME and called me a “gorgeous girl” and gave me life advice as well as a chat on vampires! He is special for sure
He was the most humble gentleman, full of laughter and smiles 🙂
He was joking and pushing his friend, and he fell over a chair in front of me haha
I am incredibly lucky and his blue suit was gorgeous.
He was so humble and there wasn’t an ounce of rudeness or irritation in him!
He was on the top of his form with his hair, eyebrows and a beautiful tailored sea-blue blazer, and crisp white shirt
Stuff about not rushing into things + if you don’t like something, to drop out of it immediately because you’ll be doing it for life
He was so right + I thanked him greatly for it! Getting life from Aidan is a dream come true. He speaks like a gentle mentor 🙂
It was so kind of him to take the time!

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