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Transcript Aidan Turner Twitter Q&A

posted: August 8th, 2017 in Interviews
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Credit: Sarah Greene Instagram

On Sunday, 6 August 2017, Aidan Turner answered fan submitted questions in a Twitter Q&A hosted by @PoldarkTV.  Below is a transcript of the questions.. and Aidan’s answers.  

Thanks to the AvA Candide Tumblr for helping us with this transcript!


If you could get absolutely trollied with one of the Poldark characters, which would it be?

  • George Warleggan. We’re well over due for a session –AT

Do you remember how you used your first pay cheque?

  • Drama school fees.. still paying them off. –AT

I’ve asked before, but I can’t help but ask again. Do you think there is any chance of a #Rossbeard in S4?

  •   I’ll ask the holy trinity of Karen, Damien & Debbie and get back to you. A beard might just “grow” on me… – AT


Ross carries the weight of the world on his sholders. What would Ross do it had a chance to relax?

  • He’d probably go for a gallop on Seamus but he’d be lying down! –AT


What has been your favorite addition to the show in S3 that wasn’t in past seasons?

  • It’s hard to pick just one, we had a lot of new cast and they’re all very strong! I’d say the new cast as a whole. -AT

Best Poldark beaches?

  • Porthgwarra ! –AT

We know you love your snooker – whats your highest break? Mine is 35 just for the record!!

  • –AT

What are three words you’d use to describe Demelza?

  • Gorgeous red hair. –AT


Would love to see you in a comedy! Will that happen in the near future?

  • I’ve done a lot of dramas that have turned out to be comedies unintentionally. But yes, straight comedy soon. – AT


What books are currently on your bedside table?

  • “Talking it Over” by Julian Barnes and “Caravaggio: A life sacred & Profane” by Andrew Graham Dixon

Where were you when you first knew you had been officially cast as Ross?

  • Sitting in a flat in St. John’s Wood. It was 9am and was a nice wake up call to get. –AT


Are you a cat or dog person?

  • I’m a dog –AT

Which season of Ross did you enjoy playing the most?

  • Season 3 because after Captain Henshawe departure I knew I wouldn’t work with John Hollingworth again. 😉 –AT

Would you rather play Osborn Whitworth or George Warleggan?

  • Neither, both Christian & Jack do an outstanding job with those characters. I wouldn’t need to. –AT


What question would you ask yourself if you were us?

  • Has it come to this? Asking my own questions now? 😀 -AT


If Ross had to buy George a Secret Santa present, what would it be?

  • A DNA test. -AT


If you had to pick one meal that you had to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

  • A bottle of single malt. -AT


If you could play any character, who would you like to portray? Be it fictional or non-fictional and why?

  • Reverend Halse -AT

A big thank you to everyone for watching #Poldark – you make it great. Thank you for the support. See you on the next one. -AT

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