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Photographer Andy Gotts Shares New Photo of Aidan Turner

Since we are in a bout of “Where in the world is Aidan Turner?” I thought I’d share this great photo that photographer Andy Gott shared on twitter today saying : “Turning into the weekend with Aidan. Whether you’re running through Middle-Earth or semi naked scything!(?) have a good one” The photo is from his photoshoot with Aidan on 23 March 2015.

We know that Aidan is working on his new project, “The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then Killed Bigfoot”, however there have been no sightings on the set yet. A few people who either live in the area where the project is being filmed or are actually working as extras have not spotted Aidan yet. He may being doing studio work right now.

For that reason, it was great to see this photo today!
Andy Gotts

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