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Photos of Aidan Turner in Cornwall

This week we’ve found a couple of photos of Aidan Turner when he’s not working.
The first one is courtesy of Kate‏ @Mayhew1Kate who said: “Aidan Turner, thank you for being such a gent a letting me take your pic at the end of long day of filming. It meant a lot. X”
Aidan Turner Beanie

The second photo is from india_blueee ‘s Instagram. She says “Oh hey there Mr Poldark. #aidanturner #poldark #stives”
You can see that his head wear of choice when not filming is a knit hat.
Aidan Turner St Ives

Now ..getting back to work.. the Daily Mail published a new photo from Poldark S4 filming
Poldark 19 Sept 2017

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