Photo: Aidan Turner’s Haircut

We know that a new haircut shouldn’t be such a big deal, but when it’s Aidan Turner’s glorious mane.. it’s a serious issue.

We saw a tweet from a barber who had cut Aidan’s hair yesterday..saying that he didn’t know who it was until afterwards. Hearing that he was getting a haircut, a lot fans worried.

We are happy to say that Man Cave Barbers shared this photo on Instagram.. so fans can see that it’s nothing drastic. Looks like it will be about the length he’ll wear in his role as Padraic in “The Lieutenant of Inishmore”.

Haircut Jan 2018
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This is a fan site for the Irish actor, Aidan Turner. He is known for roles in Being Human, Desperate Romantics, The Hobbit and Poldark. His upcoming projects are a West End Production of The Lieutenant of Inishmore and films "Look Away" and "The Man Who Killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot".

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