Stars and Their Mums-Aidan Turner

Tomorrow, 11 March 2018, is Mother’s Day in the UK. In honor of mothers everywhere, the Sunday Post has a report on how some celebrities feel about their mums .. and Aidan Turner is included. You can read the full article here: Stars and their mums: Celebs reveal vital role mums have in their lives.

Aidan Turner melts hearts every time he appears on screen in Poldark, but he still says that his mum is the No 1 lady in his life, even though he is in his 30s.

“I text her a lot to let her know where I am and what I am doing,” he says. “Even if I am out for the night in Dublin with friends and will be late home, I still keep her in touch. It is a habit but I actually like to put her mind at rest.

“If I’m staying over, I send her a text. I didn’t do that when I was younger. I’m a very good boy. I behave myself.

“My mum’s the number one in my life. I make sure she’s looked after. I would never worry her.

“She likes watching Poldark but I think she prefers the original really!

“I smoke the occasional cigarette but she doesn’t approve of that. I know she’s right about that and most other things — that’s what mums are for.”


This is a fan site for the Irish actor, Aidan Turner. He is known for roles in Being Human, Desperate Romantics, The Hobbit and Poldark. His upcoming projects are a West End Production of The Lieutenant of Inishmore and films "Look Away" and "The Man Who Killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot".

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