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Photos of Aidan Turner and Poldark S4 Cast at BFI Screening

posted: May 2nd, 2018 in Career, Events

Tonight is the Poldark S4 Screening and Q&A at BFI in London.
A few photos are starting to show up. We’ll add them to this post as they come in.
Eventually we’ll make an album in our gallery.

**Update: We’ve added a bunch more photos to our gallery here: BFI Poldark S4 Screening and Q&A Album

Here are the first two .. you’ll see that Aidan is sporting the beard!
BFI Poldark S4 Cast 2

BFI Poldark S4 Cast 1

BFI Screening Poldark 6

BFI Screening Poldark 5

BFI Screening Poldark 4

BFI Screening Poldark 3

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