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Poldark UK Series Finale – Photos and Synopsis

This Sunday, 29 July, will be the final episode of Poldark S4 in the UK. It promises to be a very eventful and emotional episode.

If you’d like to read more about what Debbie Horsfeld has to say about this episode (the spoilers are not too bad), you can read here:

Poldark: ‘The finale is dramatic, exhilarating and tense!’ says Debbie Horsfield

Here is what she had to say about Ross and Demelza:
What’s in store for Ross and Demelza (Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson)?
“They have been through some difficult times, and their marriage was stretched to breaking point. It was often difficult to watch, especially when their respective hurt and sense of betrayal made them fractious or distant with each other. A few viewers have lamented the loss of romance from their relationship during those times. Ultimately, though, theirs is the story of a marriage which survives, which thrives, which deepens and strengthens with each year and challenge. What we see in episode eight is the resolution of several storylines that provide some of their sternest challenges. But because of the discoveries they’ve made – about themselves and each other – they’re in a very different place by the end of the series.”

There is only one hi res still of Aidan Turner as Ross for this episode.. here it is.. with a couple of Demelza.

Demelza S4 ep 8
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Demelza Poldark S4 ep 8
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Poldark S4 ep 8
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