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Aidan Turner Interview at OIFF 2019

posted: July 21st, 2019 in Career

OIFF 2019
The star of the movie the Hobbit Aidan Turner: I would love to be in the film in Ukraine… it is possible that something similar will happen
Posted on 20.07.2019 by Uriy

UNIAN talked with a famous Irish actor Aidan Turner, who shared his impressions of the filming of the legendary trilogy, “the Hobbit”, his theatrical experience and desire to work in Ukraine.

Irish actor Aidan Turner has become one of the distinguished guests of the tenth Odessa international film festival. He is known for rolidone-rebel Dante Gabriel Rossetti in the TV series “Desperate romantics”, the vampire John Mitchell in the Comedy horror film “Be a man”, he played the lead role in “Trouble”… Turner is the recipient of various awards for participation in the series “And then there were none” and “Poldark”. But worldwide fame brought him the image of the dwarf Kili in the trilogy, Director Peter Jackson’s “the Hobbit”. Thanks to this fabulous character actor became the winner of Empire Awards in the category “Best male debut” and won the love of millions of fans.

In an interview with UNIAN, Aidan Turner, and told him what he was captured by Odessa, the difficulties faced playing in the theater, and what a great time in the legendary trilogy “the Hobbit”.

Aidan, what are your impressions of filming “the hobbit”, where he embodies the image of the lovestruck dwarf Kili?

It was very nice to be in New Zealand, especially where you wanted to show Peter Jackson. A country of incredible beauty, and, incidentally, the performers orcs – local – the big guys with impressive appearance… All the actors became friends while filming, and I really miss my friends, many of whom still occur.

What was the most difficult in the film?
The play was very fun but quite difficult. The hardest wearing on only the equipment and weapons. When we were dressed in our crew costume, but wore an impressive load. So, shooting suit my character – a little gnome Keeley weighed more than 60 extra pounds. At the same time it had to run, and it was even hard to walk is a huge exercise. “Costumes” consisted of “muscle”, “belly” plus the gear… to Admit, a lot of the guys grumbled, and under the makeup was given a few hours, fortunately, mine was only an hour… In General, the keels inspired me – the brave little people who believe in friendship. The low growth rate was achieved, of course, due to the high technology (the growth of the actor more than 180 cm, – UNIAN)…

There were real uncommon small man – Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte – would you like to put it the image on the screen?

I think I’m too tall for this role. Rather, the suit actor a slightly different texture, but the person, certainly very interesting.

You played a cute gnome, a vampire, a hussar, a veteran of the Second world war that killed Hitler… What role is most important?

There is no such role would be loved more or less. They are all very different and I like to play polar heroes. I love the diversity. It is the job of the actor to try on the fantastic “outfits” to try something new.

It all comes from me – I am a, live in an image.

And what played the character closest in essence to the real Aidan Turner?

Every person has light and dark sides. Therefore, it is impossible to tell which is closest. Moreover, by playing, so immersed in the image, merges with the role that each hero has a certain amount of my personal hell.

Then please name three main traits of his character.

Oh, you got me cornered… (Laughs). I prefer to not talk about his personal life and character, and roles in films…

In this case, the film that were the most fun to play?

Yes, all the role in the movie was quite interesting… But recently in London I played on the stage quite an interesting role – adoring cats psychopath in the play by Martin McDonagh’s “the Lieutenant of Inishmore island”. This Comedy begins in Belfast, where my character is a member of a paramilitary organisation in Ireland. At some point, call him and say that he urgently returned home because his best friend – the cat – ill. During performances on the stage by a real animal. With this cat on his hands even held a photo shoot, and I have, incidentally, a crazy allergic to cats – immediately begins to flow from the nose (Laughs).

In General, the work in theater is very different from the movie, because it requires more exposure – we need to give rehearsals, and then another, and on the performances. That is, it has become for me a kind of challenge, and it was very interesting.

What are your impressions from visiting Ukraine, participation in the festival?

Odessa is the only Ukrainian city, which I visited. Came the third time, because the place is really like, in particular, architecture. Like the city itself, which is a multinational reminiscent of his native Dublin.

Like that film festival is in the summer, and it has a wonderful atmosphere, great weather. Like the beaches, the food, the festival program, which brings together all the good features of other film festivals. It is extremely nice energy.

You spoke warmly about Odessa, you already have some favorite places?

There are many places that I fell in love with, square, the Opera house… it is nice to walk and while walking you can stumble on a lot of nice “points”.

But especially like spending time on the beach (Laughs).

Want to work in our country – maybe to star in a movie or play on stage?

Oh! I would love to be in the film in Ukraine. I have had so many friends and so many conversations about it… So, it’s possible that something like this would happen. Sure, here it would be possible to remove a wonderful film, using a plot of the local architecture. While can’t imagine what could be this movie, and what role I would play, but the place is really like…

Larisa Kosova, Odessa

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