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Tentative US Release Date for Aidan Turner In Love Is Blind

posted: September 1st, 2019 in Career

Love Is Blind Russell

I’ve used the word “tentative” in the headline because last year the LA Timesreported that this film (under the title “Beautiful Darkness”) was being released LAST fall!! Now the LA Times has the film, under the title “Love Is Blind” being released on 8 November 2019. We do not know if this is a theatrical release or only streaming / VOD (Video on Demand). We are pretty sure, whenever the film is released, it will be streaming/VOD as it was in the UK in March.

Love Is Blind Release

The distribution company is listed as Uncorked Entertainment, however, that company has no listing or information on their website at all. The film is still listed on the original distribution company’s website, Octane Entertainment, as “Beautiful Darkness”. We can confirm that when a fan contacted Octane last month asking when it might be released in the US, the answer was a one word answer: November.

Beautiful Darkness

You can read more about the film (previously titled “Beautiful Darkness” and “Look Away”) and watch the UK Trailer here:Love Is Blind 2019 Page

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