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Aidan Turner’s New Project Rumored to be Malik’s The Last Planet

posted: September 24th, 2019 in Career
Terrence Malick
Director Terrence Malick

Aidan Turner is rumored to be in the cast of Terrence Malik’s lastes project, “The Last Planet”. Aidan is listed in the cast on IMDB, however, a lot of the info on the page is listed as “rumored”. IMDb is not always 100% correct. The little information about the film that is being reported, does match with Aidan saying that he was working with a director that he was excited about working with and that filming would begin in Europe in September.

The Film Stage reports:
“Reports are coming in that the elusive filmmaker has begun shooting his next film near Rome. Various Italian publications are reporting that Malick has embarked on a shoot for his new film The Last Planet near Anzio, south of Rome, notably in the nature reserve of Tor Caldara. The film will reportedly convey passages “in the life of Christ” through representing evangelical parables. One Big Soul adds that the shoot has actually been underway for a few weeks.”

“No other details have been unveiled thus far, including if this film is more documentary-based a la Voyage of Time or if an ensemble of actors will take part, but it’s nice to hear that Malick’s prolific streak has not subsided for what will be his eleventh feature, which has connations of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s parable-telling The Gospel According to Matthew. While spirituality runs through all of his films, it seems like Martin Scorsese recently helped him question his faith further. The director recently said, “Malick wrote me a letter [after seeing Silence], and he said ‘What does Christ want from us?’”

“The City of Anzio mayor Candido De Angelis says the town is “honored to have been chosen by a director and contemporary artist of the international depth of Terrence Malick.” ”

Another source says that filming began in June or July, however, that may just mean that Aidan’s parts would start filming in September.

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