Look Away 2017

Look Away 2017
Aidan Turner.. Russell

Executive Producers: Lizzie Nastro, Jonathon Kemp and Wassim Rasamny of Turtle Rides
Producers: Lucy Barzun Donnelly, Alexis Alexanian and Alexandra Kerry for Locomotive
Directors: Monty Whitebloom & Andy Delaney; BigTV 
International Distribution: Spotlight Pictures
US Distribution: Locomotive

Filmed: Hudson Valley, New York Summer 2015
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Aidan Turner as Russell from Look Away movie Instagram

“Look Away” is a dark comedy starring actors Matthew Broderick, Aidan Turner, Chloe Sevigny and Benjamin Walker.

The film tells the story of a young girl who cannot see or hear her mother, even though they live under the same roof.
Throughout the course of the movie, the main character encounters an eccentric psychiatrist and a local, accidental hero who help her on her journey toward taking control of her future” ~source:IMDb

Story about filming in New York:New Movie, ‘Look Away,’ Stars Hudson

This is a video that co-director, Andy Delaney, posted when production was finished.
He said: “The end of it all..” with a glass of champagne.

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