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Audio Podcast: Aidan Turner Interview with Dave Fanning

posted: March 26th, 2017 in Career, Interviews

Aidan calls in from L.A. to the Dave Fanning show for an audio podcast. They discuss “The Secret Scripture” which is being released in Ireland this week. They discuss Aidan’s feelings about working with Jim Sheridan and the rest of the cast.

They also discuss his role on Poldark. Sadly.. no definite news as to chance of S4 of Poldark!! Although he did say that IF there is a S4, it would begin filming in September again for about 7 months. He’s holding off on signing on to a new project because he’d rather take a few months break. That sounds very promising for a S4.

Aidan also shares his thoughts on working with Peter Jackson.

And of course.. they have to bring up the “shirtless” scene. And yes, Aidan is sick of discussing it!!

You can listen to the full podcast by clicking here: Dave Fanning
The image above will take you to the Dave Fanning Show page..just scroll down a bit for the podcast.

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