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Experience a Trenwith Visit and See Aidan Turner on Stage

posted: January 11th, 2018 in Miscellaneous

We’d like to make all Aidan Turner fans aware of this unique opportunity to tour the sites of your favorite BBC shows (Poldark, Downton Abbey, Doc Martin and Old Schoolhouse) and have a chance to see Aidan in “The Lieutenant of Inishmore” all with a $150 discount just for mentioning this website.

Sterling Silver Tours is offering “The Queen’s Tour” (26 Aug – 4 Sep) which is described as including “some of England’s most picturesque locations, including Bath, Cornwall and other parts of the English countryside. In London, we will start our tour at the former home of Queen Victoria and Princess Diana. Beginning the day with a tour of London then over to Kensington Palace with lunch on the grounds followed by a personal tour of the new Princess Diana dress exhibit starts our adventure. You will explore Highclere Castle, majestic home featured in “Downton Abbey”. Revel in a private tour of the grand home used as Trenwith on “Poldark” then sit down to a 3-course meal just as Ross, Demelza and Elizabeth would have done in the 18th century. While in Cornwall, we’ll travel to Port Isaac, also known as Portween on “Doc Martin” and have cream tea at the village ‘Old Schoolhouse’ from the charming British show. At the end of our tour, you will have a chance to see Aidan Turner in person in his limited run on the West End stage (not included in tour price). The Queen’s Tour is a trip of a lifetime! “

According to the tour company the visit at Trenwith includes a private tour then a 3-course lunch in the dining room. You will have the whole house to yourselves for the tour and for lunch! You will also visit the costume house in London that makes the costumes for the show. You will be able to see, and touch, a couple of Aidan’s costumes.

Anyone who books the trip and mentions “Aidan Turner” will get a $150 off the cost of the trip. It is our understanding that the price is for the “land tour” only. You are responsible for air fare if you are from outside of England.

Those who pay in full by February 15th, 2018* will get a complimentary ticket to see Aidan Turner perform in the dark comedy, “The Lieutenant of Inishmore”

You can book the trip and view a pdf of the itinerary here:
Sterling Silver Tours: The Queen’s Tour – Information and Booking

*Note: Aidan Turner News is not associated with this tour. We are merely making our fans aware of the offer. Any questions should be directed to Sterling Silver Tours. This is not a paid advertisement

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2 thoughts on “Experience a Trenwith Visit and See Aidan Turner on Stage

  1. Darn, I wish I could take this tour, but we won’t be in the UK at that time. It sounds fantastic, though! If anyone knows how we could take a tour of the Poldark sites at any other times, I’d certainly be grateful if you could post the information here.

    1. As you know, I’m arriving in London a day after this tour ends, but it’s a bit pricey for me. It does sound like a really unique and extensive trip though! There is a company that does Poldark Tours.. I can’t remember exact info..will have to look them up and get back to you. ~mary

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