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Aidan Turner Visits Carl Freedman Gallery in London

posted: October 6th, 2018 in Out And About, Personal

Aidan Turner visited the Carl Freedman Gallery in London today. He is shown posing in front of some contemporary work by Thilo Heinzmann (info on work below)

The Carl Freedman Gallery posted the image on Instagram saying:
✨👏Actor and friend of the gallery #AidanTurner @aidanturner_fan today with #ThiloHeinzmann’s new styrofoam & glass works for #FriezeLondon @friezeartfair @carlfreedmangallery Booth A1 #painting #friezeweek #friezelondon2018 @bestofino
Work details:
Thilo Heinzmann
Styrofoam, glass behind plexiglass cover
59 x 49 x 9 cm
Private collection

Aidan Turner at Carl Freedman Gallery

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