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Aidan Turner Wraps Up Filming in Cornwall This Week (Updated)

posted: November 7th, 2018 in Career, Photos

The Poldark S5 filming is wrapping up location shots in Cornwall this week. Aidan Turner and fellow cast mates will be moving to studio shoots in the Bottleyard Studios in Bristol after this. The weather in Cornwall this week has been pretty raw, so they will probably be happy to move inside.

Update: Posted on Twitter just now: Jon Ian Dredge @DredgeIan Goodbye to #Poldark leaving #Cornwall for the last time 😔😢

Aidan Turner leaving Cornwall

Beatie Edney posted this video of Eleanor Tomlinson in all of her windblown glory. It gives you a good idea of what the weather was like.

Here a few photos from Monday’s filming at Stepper Point and Wednesday’s filming in Charleston. Credit for the Charlestown Photos are Paul Foster. Credit for the Stepper Point photos are Lindsay Philp

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