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Leonardo Filming Distrupted Due to Threat of Coronavirus

posted: February 26th, 2020 in Career

leonardo coronavirus
An Italian site has posted the following news:(translated in google translator.. so excuse any errors)
“MANTOVA – As foreseeable following the orders issued in recent days, the Lux Vide production company – in order to protect its crew of 220 operators from the risks of contagion from coronavirus and the hundreds of extras expected in the Mantuan sets – considered comply with the provisions of the institutional and health authorities for the protection of public health, canceling the shooting in Mantua of the “Leonardo” series.

In this singular and unexpected negative circumstance, Mantova Film Commission nevertheless intends to thank the local institutions for the great availability and collaboration provided: in particular the director of Palazzo Ducale, Emanuela Daffra, the Mayors of Mantua, Curtatone and Sabbioneta and their collaborators who , in various capacities, engaged in the filming schedule. The regret remains for the cancellation of a project capable not only of relaunching the image of Mantua in the world, but also of supporting the economic activities of the territory: hoteliers, restaurateurs, technicians, professionals and extras to whom our solidarity goes, confident that they can understand how causes of force majeure prevent, in fact and in law, from setting up the programmed sets.

A further thanks goes to the working group – Alessandro Colombo, Francesca Andreatta, Graziano Mangoni, Emanuela Misino – who since June 2019 has supported Lux ​​Vide in solving the various logistical and organizational problems.”

You can read it in Italina here:

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