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Leonardo To Be Screened Virtually To Potential Buyers

posted: March 28th, 2020 in Career

Hollywood CA
photo credit: Ben Sherman

Every year in May in Los Angeles the TV industry has their “UpFronts” and screenings of new shows for potential buyers. This year everything was cancelled.

Instead, Sony Pictures Television (SPT) is set to create a digital screening experience for international clients as an alternative to the studio’s traditional LA Screenings event. Sony is one of the production partners for “Leonardo”.

“This will be a novel way to showcase our upcoming television and movie slates,” said Keith Le Goy, president of distribution and networks at SPT.

Once the screenings take place we could know what network or streaming service will purchase the rights to show “Leonardo”. We know it will be shown in Europe on the various TV Networks that are a part of The Alliance Production company, however, we don’t know for sure yet how the rest of the world will view it. I know that there has been rumors of Netflix, however, the fact that they are screening the show for buyers seems to point to that being false.

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