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A New Title for The Last Planet – The Way of the Wind

posted: November 21st, 2020 in Career

Way of the Wind

A Terrence Malick fan community page on Facebook, One Big Soul , has uncovered a document that seems to point to “The Last Planet” as being a “working title” or temporary title for the film. The new title is “The Way of the Wind”. Aidan Turner plays “Andrew” in the film.  In the photo above Aidan is behind the arm of the man pointing. You can read more about the cast and film here: Way of the Wind aka The Last Planet- on Aidan Turner News

The article below gives some more insight in to the meaning of the name, news on the composer of for the film and some quotes from actors and crew about the actual filming process with Malick. Terrence Malick Jesus Film Gets New Title and Composer

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