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New Aidan Turner Interview in English With Italian Radio

posted: March 30th, 2021 in Career, Video

Leonardo Promo still 2Below is an edited version of Aidan Turner’s latest interview with an Italian radio show. I’ve cropped out the portion of the show that Aidan was in. It’s a little confusing because after the host asks a question of Aidan, and he replies, the woman then repeats everything in Italian. It’s still worth the watch.

The main reason for the interview is because tonight in Italy, they will be showing the episode with Aidan’s actual voice. He won’t be dubbed.

Aidan gives us a few tidbits of info.. he’s currently in Toronto because his wife, Caitlin Fitzgerald, is working on the Netflix show “Station 11”. Aidan himself has a couple of projects he’s considering but they aren’t firm yet. It seemed as if one may film in Toronto, but he also said he may have to go back to the UK before that. He hopes to start working on one of them very soon.

He said that he’s been doing a lot of painting in his spare time, however, the painting behind him is not one of his.

Aidan also talks about working with Matilda DeAngelis.

The host discusses the fact that there is going to be a Season 2 of Leonardo and Aidan said “That’s the first I’ve heard”! So that’s interesting. LOL


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