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posted: May 14th, 2021 in Personal

I’ve made a decision to stop actively running this site and especially it’s toxic social media. I’m still a big fan of Aidan Turner and will follow his career, however, sad to say that this fandom has some really whack job members who have sucked the fun out of everything for me.

This decision came about because it was getting to the time that I would normally be starting up the annual charity drive in honor of Aidan’s birthday. Last year one especially toxic “supposed” fan who has a Facebook group and stalks/spams all AT fans on twitter on a daily basis, accused me of doing something unethical and / or illegal. She posted on her page and twitter tagging the charity and the “Offical” twitter account for Aidan. Up until then I had never said a bad word about her.. this was totally unwarranted and upsetting. So I was trying to decide if I wanted to subject myself to the same vitriol again and that led to my reassing my whole experience with the fandom.

Over the last few years I have had people reply to me in really insulting fashions if I don’t allow discussions of the ridiculous “Aidan + Eleanor” relationship obsession. I’ve been totally disappointed and saddened by the ugly, insulting posts on social media targeting Caitlin ever since they started dating. I’ve spent my own time coming up with daily graphics for social media.. only to post and have comments like “I don’t like this one”. These “fans” definitely need to follow the “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. I had one person download one of my edited graphics.. do something to it and send back to me saying “Here I fixed it” WTF? When I contacted her and tried to make her understand that, as a person for whom English is not her first language, saying that to someone about a piece of “digital art” would be taken as an insult.. she replied in caps “YOU HATE ME!!!” Ugh. This is just a handful of the more recent experiences I’ve had.

So, bottom line, it’s just not fun anymore. I do thank those of you who have sent emails thanking me for my updates. Those remarks are truly appreciated. The bad part is that the inconsiderate portion of the fandom outnumbers ( at least in being vocal) the good fans.

I had hoped to wait until the powers to be announced a US release date for Leonardo, however, they keep putting us off with “very soon” and I’m done waiting. I will leave the site up for the foreseable future and will update the “Coming Events” with the US Release date if we ever get it, but I will no long be posting. I am also closing down all social media.. I’ve actually already deleted Instagram since that was one of the worst platforms for ugliness.

I’m glad that I got to meet a few of you in person.. and I truly cherish our great night out to see “Lieutenant of Insishmore”. Life is just too short to spend so much of my time and money – just to be insulted on a daily basis. And that is why I’m saying “Good-bye”.
~ mary

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