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Show Of The Week Fifteen Love

posted: February 21st, 2023 in Career

Fifteen Love Aidan Turner

TBIVision has a spotlight on Aidan Turner’s show, Fifteen-Love. You can read the full article here: Show of the Week: Fifteen-Love

Explore the dark under-belly of the competitive and high-pressure world of professional tennis in this 6 x 60-minute drama series from World Productions.

“Fifteen-Love explores many of the physical, psychological and social pressures young athletes experience, and reflects the incredible stories told by women in sport over the last few years. The remarkable honesty of athletes like Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka and Pam Shriver, amongst others, has meant that the harsh realities of being at the top of your game have never been clearer,” executive producer Jake Lushington tells TBI.

“When researching the show, we were struck by the huge number of athletes who have paid a high price for outstanding success in their fields. Talking to some of them, over the course of making the drama, has been revelatory.”

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