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Video Aidan Turner on Chris Evans Breakfast Show

posted: July 17th, 2023 in Career, Video

This morning, Aidan Turner, talked “Fifteen-Love” on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show.
You can watch the clip here:

The new series, which is available to watch on Prime Video from Friday 21st July, focuses on a former tennis prodigy who makes an allegation against her ex-coach with whom she reached a semi-final at the French Open. Aidan, who plays maverick tennis coach Glenn Lapthorne, described his character as “very charismatic”, “affable” and “approachable”, and told Chris: “He’s the kind of guy that you would want to hang out with, and you would want your kid to go and play tennis with and be coached by.”

However, adding that there’s “many sides to Glenn”, the Poldark star said: “I think he has different masks for different people and different personas for different people. That can make him at times, I suppose, a very confusing and possibly sometimes even a dangerous person to be around.”

Delving more into the plot of Fifteen-Love, the Irish actor explained: “There is something called the Sexual Offences Act, and last year there was a loophole that’s been sealed up, but it’s where people of trust cannot have relationships with the people they care for. So, you know, doctors or carers or teachers, if they care for somebody who’s 16 or 17, they cannot have a relationship with them. And these safeguards are in place for that purpose. But there was a loophole where coaches could have a relationship with younger people. And thankfully, that part of it has been solved, but our story focuses on just before that piece of legislation came in. It was a very different world.”

Ella Lily Hyland plays the coach’s star prodigy, Justine Pierce. Aidan said of the actor: “She’s brilliant, like, really great,” and added: “She’s about to blow up and be a huge star, no doubt.”

Newcomer Ella trained for the tennis scenes and was helped on set by tennis coach and former-pro Naomi Cavaday. “There was like a tennis bootcamp,” Aidan said. “We used CGI tennis balls in all of those rallies you see…. We were playing, but without tennis balls. So they introduced them later.”

He added: “I’ve been playing for a while. I played badminton for my school, so I’m familiar with racquet sports, I suppose, even though there’s not a very clear correlation between those two.”

Speaking more about the six-part fiction series, Aidan told Chris: “I watched the first episode only last week at one of our screenings, and I’ve never been prouder of anything I’ve been in, and I think when you watch the first episode you really want to figure out what this is all about.”

He added: “It feels tense and energetic and very dramatic.

“Who do you believe with no evidence? Who carries this burden of proof? And who do we believe?

“We are spoon fed so much, and we’re so used to that, that when you’re given an opportunity to fill in those gaps, I think we really want to do that.”

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