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Fan Poetry

Aidan Turner as Dante Rossetti reading a poem

Aidan Turner–A Head Turner

Aidan Turner will turn your head,
If he turns and heads your way.
With just one glance, you’ll be entranced,
Much to your dismay.

His simple, little dimples,
Will set your heart aflutter.
His winning smile will just beguile,
And melt your heart like butter.

Those curly locks and dark good looks,
Will leave you wanting more.
His great physique, so lean and sleek,
Will stir you to the core.

His boyish charm will just disarm,
He’s such a modest fellow.
His laugh so real, has real appeal,
As does his voice so mellow.

But, mostly it’s his eyebrows,
His eyebrows mesmerize.
As they arch along his browbone,
And frame his soulful eyes.

Eyes revealing what he’s feeling,
(And I know this sounds absurd.)
His emotions bared, emotions shared,
Though he utters not a word.

He’s quite a rogue, with his Irish brogue,
And that twinkle in his eye.
With just one look, he’ll have you hooked,
On that you can rely.

His handsome face can’t be erased,
No matter how you try.
To your chagrin, you’ll just give in,
And simply love this guy.
As do I!
Marilyn J. Collins Graphics